The Evolution of Christmas at Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk

Christmas wasn't always celebrated quite like it is today in America, what with all the Black Friday Walmart tramplings and whatnot. But even more pleasant things, like an electrically-lighted Christmas tree, are only relatively new developments, historically speaking. Kathy Maher, Executive Director and Curator of the Barnum Museum is going to give a talk (accompanied by photos and illustrations) that explains how the idea of Christmas became an integral component of American tradition, drawing from the tales and traditions of the Victorian era. Learn how the Christmas tree, family meals and holiday decor came into existence.


The Evolution of Christmas

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, 295 West Ave., Norwalk. Wed., Dec. 12, 11 a.m.-noon. $25-$30. (203) 838-9799 ext. 4,


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