Crime & Punishment: Video of New Milford Police Officer Screaming at Pepsi Truck Driver and Calling Him "Asshole"

Gabrielle Giffords, the one-time Democratic congresswoman from Arizona who was critically injured in a shooting, privately met with families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. Not everyone was touched by the gesture. "Gabby Gifford [sic] stay out of my towns!!" wrote state Rep. DebraLee Hovey on her Facebook page, according to the Hartford Courant. Hovey, a Republican whose district includes a small bit of Newtown, said the visit must be political because two Democrats, Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, were there but she hadn't been invited. "ALL political types KNOW it is courteous to let sitting Reps know when another political is in their District," Hovey added. Note that Newtown's Republican first selectwoman was at the gathering. We can't imagine why they didn't invite this one local official who has the decorum of a crazy cat lady. (Hovey later apologized and set her Facebook profile to private.)

Dashboard camera footage from a New Milford police cruiser has surfaced on YouTube and shows an officer going ballistic on a Pepsi truck parked outside a business. The driver, who was unloading items from the back, calmly explained he had the business's permission to park there, but the policeman repeatedly screamed, "You need to move it now! You need to move it now!" As he walked to the front of the truck, the officer called him a "smartass" and "fucking asshole," which the driver visible reacts to. (According to the person who posted the video, the officer did not realize that when he turned on his overhead lights he activated his microphone.) New Milford's police chief told the Danbury News-Times the footage is a few years old and the officer has been disciplined.

Three men were allegedly taken down by a pepper spray-wielding drag queen and her two transvestite pals outside the Elite Nightclub in Stamford. A patron noticed his cellphone was missing and he and his two friends confronted the crossdressers. One reportedly took out the spray and incapacitated all three of the male-dressed men. As they were knocked out, a drag queen allegedly made off with another phone, one of the men's iPhones. Police got a description (that included a mention of fishnets) and arrested the three transvestites, according to the Stamford Advocate.

In 2010, Dion Thompson appeared in a New Britain Superior Court to answer charges, including violating of a protective order, and at the time was facing similar charges at other courts in the state. Thompson, 35, apparently began a romantic relationship with his public defender, Michele Carter. The Hartford Courant reports that last week, Carter called police during a dispute in her South Windsor home. She said Thompson accused her of looking at other men, grabbed her and slapped her. Once again, Thompson was arrested and may awkwardly seek help at the public defender's office.

Joel Albornoz and three of his friends bought pellet guns at the Walmart in Stratford and went to Short Beach to shoot at foam blocks. A Coast Guard official stopped them and recommended they find a wooded area. Albornoz, 20, remembered that there was a stretch of woods behind Wooster Middle School, which he once attended. A few hours later, the school was frantically put on lockdown due to reports of four gunmen nearby. "Yeah, considering what just happened in Newtown, it wasn't the best idea," Albornoz later told the Connecticut Post. "I can understand why parents and the police were upset."

In similar news, Robert E. Manning allegedly walked up to Moody Elementary School in Middletown and badgered a secretary and the principal with questions about school security. (At one point, he reportedly asked if the principal "should carry a gun like [in] Texas.") Administrators feared he was a wannabe shooter sussing out the school for an attack, but police say he just a weirdo with poor judgment. Though he doesn't have a child in the school, Manning, 66, apparently had concerns about safety in light of Newtown, and chose a strange way to air them, they told Middletown Patch.

Bank representatives cleaning out a foreclosed home in Farmington found 130 guns and 20,000 rounds of ammunition, along with a grenade and a mortar. The guns were all legally registered to the former owner, police told the Associated Press.

A vehicle being driven by Jared Dworkin veered off a Fairfield roadway, hit a stop sign, plowed through some shrubs and banged into two cars parked in a driveway, police told the Fairfield Patch website. Though his blood alcohol content was reportedly more than three times the legal limit, Dworkin, 23, blamed his state of mind on "bad pizza."

Badass Grandma: A New Haven man answered his door to find Clarence Johnson holding a nine-inch knife and demanding money, police told the New Haven Register. The alleged victim called out for help and Johnson was reportedly disarmed by one tough 73-year-old woman before police arrived. 


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