Crime & Punishment: City of Waterbury in a battle over release of information regarding former Gov. John Rowland

In 2008, Waterbury officials assured us that hiring ex-governor John Rowland for a $100,000-a-year economic advisor gig, upon the end of his prison sentence for corruption convictions, was a good idea. Now, six months after Rowland left the job, the city is skirting a Freedom of Information Act request from the Register Citizen and dealing with an FBI investigation, both over Rowland's tenure. The newspaper wants e-mails, schedules and other documents showing what exactly the felon ex-guv did every day. A city attorney says Waterbury has nothing like that because Rowland was technically employed by the non-government Chamber of Commerce, which billed the city for his services. (A Register Citizen editor says the city is trying to "contract away the public's right to know.") The FBI may have gotten a hold of some of that stuff when it raided the Chamber's offices in its investigation into Rowland's alleged attempt trying to peddle influence to a congressional candidate through another "consultant" position, this one at her family's physical therapy business.

In two recent cases, police got a break in a criminal investigations after the alleged culprit made a confession on amateur video before the investigation began. In the first, a man with a handheld camera trolled the site of a fire that destroyed one of Bridgeport's many shuttered factories and came across a teenager who admitted, "I started that shit," bragging that he begat the blaze with a single cigarette. The Connecticut Post reports police saw the video on YouTube and are searching for the teen. Also, Kellie Park of West Haven allegedly filmed herself abusing her 10-month-old daughter and tauntingly sent the footage to the baby's father. In the videos, Park, 20, throws food at the child as she cries and shakes the baby out of a portable crib, police told the Hartford Courant. The father forwarded the videos — which allegedly include a clip of Park declaring, "I love abusing your kid" — to police, who put the child in the care of her maternal grandmother.

Over a seven-month period, Gail and Robert Cintron of Greenwich allegedly drained $62,010 of the $62,159 in a bank account garnered from a court settlement over a car crash and meant for the medical care of a relative who was injured. The Cintrons had control of the account until the relative turns 21 but the couple mostly used it on their own household expenses, according to police investigators. "When we get all of the records, I will bet that, line-by-line, there is justification for every expense here," an attorney for the Cintrons told Greenwich Time. (One expense was a subscription to the Xbox Live online video game network.)

Crack pipe-carrying Salvatore Morello allegedly drove a 2003 Suzuki Quadsport four-wheeler through traffic in Middletown, swerving in and out of oncoming traffic lanes and dashing through a red light, police told the Middletown Press. After he allegedly drove up onto the sidewalk and toward pedestrians, police caught up with Morello, 33, and subdued him. He then reportedly asked if police would "throw his case and forget it had happened" if he robbed a few drug dealers and gave them the money. (They declined.)

Confronted by police, 27-year-old Albert Stober (who had allegedly arrived uninvited at a family member's house in West Haven and refused to leave) fled by swimming into the Long Island Sound, the Hartford Courant reports. Stober, who may have been using PCP, refused a life preserver from a police boat, throwing it back at them and reportedly threatening to stab anyone who tried to pull him out of the water. After a while, Stober tired out and clung to the front of the police boat. Officers then lifted him onboard.

A trio of suspected drug dealers checked out of the Hilton Garden Inn in Milford, apparently forgetting the $50,000 worth of heroin they had checked in with. A maid found 508 wax folds of heroin and another 3.5 loose ounces, police told the Hartford Courant. The three were arrested when they returned and tried to check back in, insisting on getting the same room.

The warm, flowing water and three young co-bathers in a hot tub at the New Britain YMCA allegedly overcame the self-control of Antonio Garay. Three women, ages 16 to 19, claim to have seen Garay, 54, engage in a "sex act" in the tub, reports the New Britain Herald. Garay reportedly admitted to acting on "impulse."

Sick, Sad World: Someone assaulted a homeless man as he rummaged through a New Haven dumpster for cans to redeem at a recycling center, striking him in the head with a wooden cane so fiercely the wood splintered and then stealing $5 from his pocket, according to the New Haven Register.

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