Cinestudio in Hartford Showing the Film 'Grand Illusion' Until Aug. 14

Classic cinemaphiles need to head over to Trinity College's Cinestudio sometime this week to catch a brand-spanking new, ultra-high def digital restoration of Jean Renoir's film, Grand Illusion, considered to be one of the best in the antiwar genre — despite the fact that there's not a single shot fired. The action in the black-and-white 1937 film, which takes place during the first World War and centers around a burgeoning friendship between a French officer (Pierre Fresnay) and a German captor (Erich von Stroheim), was Renoir's warning against the threat of militarism in Renoir's time (Joseph Goebbels considered the movie to be a public threat).


Grand Illusion

ends Aug. 14, Cinestudio, 300 Summit St., Hartford, (860) 297-2463,


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