OTEP, Butcher Babies & One Eyed Doll Play the Webster Underground on Aug. 24


Don't head to the Webster on Friday if you want a quiet night out on the town. Three bands — Butcher Babies, One Eyed Doll, and especially headliners OTEP (pictured) — serve up heavy riffs and beats (and the occasional, welcome dynamic switcheroo) for hours and hours. OTEP frontwoman Otep Shamaya has weathered a lineup change or two, a reunion here and there, the occasional OzzFest and run in with Sharon Osbourne (that'll scare the piss out of anyone). But she and the band have stayed strong. Their latest, Atavist, came out in 2011 on Victory Records and cracked the Top 100, signifying the U.S. is ready for, well, more OTEP.

OTEP w/ Butcher Babies, One Eyed Doll

Aug. 24, 7 p.m., $18, Webster Underground, 31 Webster St., Hartford, (860) 525-5553, webstertheater.com.


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