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Beer Gardens, Wine Bars -- and a Margarita Cafe

There's nothing better than a late-afternoon break for an ice-cold bevvie and a snack.


Zum Schneider. A classic beer garden in the East Village, of all places. When it isn't raining, you can sit outside under the umbrellas, sipping a cold one from a selection of German beers. To go along with the brew, there are sausages, cheese plates, potato pancakes, wiener schnitzel, and other Teutonic treats. (107 Avenue C; 212-598-1098)

Pasticcio. Just in case you get tired of all that beer, Pasticcio offers an alternative: a wine bar that specializes in prosecco, the sparkling wine from the Veneto.There are outdoor tables where you can savor the wine, and a good assortment of light snacks (the calamari salad with lentils and shrimp is a keeper) as well as bruschetta, sandwiches, and pastas in addition to the more serious main courses. (447 Third Avenue; 212-679-2551)

Radio Mexico. There's a sidewalk cafe out front, and a menu full of Mexican faves: fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, burritos and so on. The vibe is laid back, the price is right, and the margaritas are $3.50 Mondays through Fridays from 4:30 to 6:30. (259 Front Street; 212-791-5416)


Gowanus Yacht Club. The handiest detour from the F train, the Yacht Club is like an outdoor barbecue, with dogs on the grill and cold beer in the cooler. The crowd includes a fair sampling of the neighborhood, and they never heard of attitude. (323 Smith Street, Brooklyn; no phone)

Paradou. The garden is great on a summer evening, and the sandwiches and salads hit the spot. The wine selection is good (sold by the quarter-liter, which means two glasses), and prices -- if you stick to snacks and appetizers -- go gently on the wallet. (8 Little West 12th Street, Manhattan; 212-463-8345)

L & B Spumoni Gardens. This 62-year-old Bensonhurst pizzeria serves up beer, wine, and Sicilian pizza in a family-friendly atmosphere. Take a table outside and polish off the pie, then cool off with a paper cup of lemon ice or the namesake spumoni. (2725 86th St., Brooklyn; 718-449-1230)


Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. They claim to be the only authentic beer garden left in the city, and the building - -which was completed in 1919 -- certainly has enough history. In summer the outdoor garden is the place to be for a frosty mug of Czech beer. The food is equally robust, with plates of Central European food, like pork or chicken schnitzel, kielbasa, salads and so on. (29-19 24th Avenue, Astoria; 718-274-4925).


Kilmeyer's Old Bavarian Inn.The crowd is friendly and the bar stocks 90 or so beers. The kitchen sends out traditional food, like sauerbraten with red cabbage and potato dumplings, wursts, potato pancakes, schnitzels, and other veal, steak, and chicken dishes. There are seats outdoors in the beer garden, and if you're really into the vibe, be there on Sunday, when the oompah band shows up. (4254 Arthur Kill Road; 718-984-1202)

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