Kings Co. Dems endorse Miller

Used to be that winning the Kings County Democratic organization's endorsement was a major achievement in a mayor's race. But recent scandals have made it more a prune than a plum.

Last night, the organization's 42-member executive committee threw its diminished weight behind City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, who is running third in most public opinion polls.

Former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer -- the only candidate who didn't even bother to appear before the committee in person -- finished a distant second.

Many fellow Democrats have been avoiding county leader Clarence Norman who is under indictment for misusing state funds. In 2001, Democratic candidate Mark Green paid a Norman-associated political club $245,000 for field operations after the primary.

It isn't clear if Miller has committed to making a similar commitment.

"This soldified Brooklyn as Miller country," Miller's campaign manager said in a statement. "We're happy to be their choice."

Still, the organization's support in the primary could mean less than in recent years because two politically-connected Brooklyn councilmen, Dill de Blasio of Park Slope and Lew Fidler of Mill Basin, will likely marshall their local operations on Ferrer's behalf.

Miller, looking to expand his voter base, took to the lectern to address the Big Apple Job Fair in Manhattan yesterday, where he called for "investing in our people."

"Investing in people," he said, "means directly addressing the crisis of structural unemployment among African-American and Latino men."

He called for more job-training funds from the city budget as the council has provided in its local expenditure items.

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