Fans speak out on new Stadium

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"After all the news about the West Side stadium and the Queens stadium, I just want to know where all the money is coming from. I go to 10 games a year. It's one of the oldest stadiums, up there with Wrigley and Fenway, and it's due for an upgrade." (Erik Gulley, 34, of Elizabeth, N.J.)

"The stadium they have right now has history. They say they're keeping that history, so I think the new stadium will be a good thing. The best part is that they're leaving it in the Bronx. The neighborhood has really benefited from having the team there." (Melvin Torres, 39, of Olson Park, Queens)

"I'd like to see the Mets have a new stadium before the Yankees. It's a lot of money, but it's going to be beautiful. The Yankees are a classy organization, I have to admit." (Tim Scherer, 20, of Northport, L.I.)

"Yankee Stadium is quite old. For sure it will be better than the old one. I go maybe once a month. I like the Yankees because they're better groomed than the other teams - especially the Red Sox. And most of them are good looking." (Daisy Villaos, 36, of Bethpage, L.I.)

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I went when I was younger. Wouldn't it be cheaper to renovate the old one? The prices already are way out of control. They well a lot of expensive stuff at the games - $5 for a bag of chips." (Bruce Garcia, 23, of Fordham, The Bronx)

"The Yankees want to make more money for the Yankees. My question is, how does the community benefit? With more people buying more luxury boxes, who benefits? It seems like that's the trend: luxury boxes. The people with the money try to generate more money for themselves. There's some poor housing around the stadium, and I don't think that factors in the Yankees' plans." (James Alexander, 58, of Elizabeth, N.J.)

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