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Five questions for Michael Kors

Michael Kors was a picture of serenity backstage at his Spring 2006 fashion show yesterday. Sporting a tan, he flitted from reporter to reporter, in between greeting Sarah Ferguson and having a laugh with "Sopranos" star Steve Schirripa, who was doing a segment for Jay Leno.

An hour later, his models mosied down the runway in designs inspired by a bit of the southwest and a bit of 1950s cinema romanticism. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Rosario Dawson and Padma Lakshmi were among those front and center to watch.

Kors spoke to amNewYork before the show.

Describe Michael Kors Spring 2006.
I think we're finally halfway through the decade, and I think when you're halfway through the decade, you define what a decade is. This show is very much the mix of disparate things. There's sort of an austerity and a romanticism about the show at the same time. Very much influenced by the southwest. You take the severity of people like Georgia O'Keefe, that real simplicity, and then you look at something like "Giant," with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson, and we play off of all the romanticism that you see there. So, it's a mix of the two things. Definitely the end of bling. Bling is done. Sexy doesn't mean you have to be naked.

What about colors?
We have so many beautiful fabrics this season -- incredible embroideries and laces, beautiful point d'esprit things -- that you really wanna see the fabrics. So it's all about beautiful neutral colors. Things like ivory and sand, brown, loads and loads of white. Black will always be a part of my customer's closet. Shocks of orange here and there. And a lot of camouflage. Camouflage to me can be sort of the new jean. You know how jeans work with everything. Well, a great piece of camouflage, whether it be a bag or a dress or a jacket, pop it on with anything, that's what it's all about.

What are you doing with accessories this spring?
This season it's sort of big and small. It's either about a very delicate, little flat sandal that feels a little rustic, or we go to a huarache on a very high heel. I think there's something about taking a high heel out of the whole idea of a ladylike pointy high heel and looking at it a little rugged, like a huarache. And then handbags are the same thing. We're looking at either tiny little whipstitched clutch bags or fantastic satchels and totes. A bit of braiding, a little hand-stitching.

You always do great things with your sunglasses. Are you doing anything new this time?
I'm a sunglasses addict, and we're always looking at how do you riff on the classics. And rather than sort of the oversized Jackie O glasses we've seen for the last few years, we're looking at glasses that are based on aviators, that have leather detailing on the side shields. And we're showing a lot of hanging off of the leather cord, because I lose my glasses all the time and I was thinking what could you do that would be a cool way to not lose your glasses? So I love this sort of rustic leather cord and the idea of these leather-trimmed glasses work with everything.

How are you going to relax after the show's all over?
Eat carbs. When I was in my 20s, I'd eat junk food all week. Now that I'm in my 40s, we try to take care of ourselves. And then the minute the show's over, I'm like, give me a pizza -- now. So, pizza and straight out to the beach to enjoy the 90-degree weather.

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