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Guidance that parents can use

Re "Giving parents extra skills," Column, April 19

I was happy to read about Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, or PCIT, in Sandy Banks' column, and that Los Angeles County is planning an expansion of this service.

As a social worker who has worked with families striving to reunify after child-protection intervention, I have witnessed the benefit PCIT can yield in teaching essential parenting skills and empowering parents with tools to use when interacting with their children.

Clients who have been fortunate enough to participate in PCIT reported that it was extremely helpful to have the guidance of a therapist as they were working with their child in real time, instead of trying to apply what they had learned in a parenting class on their own.

This is a beneficial service whose expansion is welcome news to those who want to see families succeed and thrive.

Deanne McCollum



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