Chris Brown's silence

What's worse than young women tweeting that they'd welcome physical abuse so long as it was from Chris Brown? The hip-hop artist's silence. During his comeback performance at the Grammy Awards in February, women and girls shared their deranged sentiments in 140 characters or less: "Chris Brown u can punch me in the face any time u want!!!!" "I'd let Chris Brown beat me up anytime ;)" "Any girl that hates on Chris Brown is stupid. Do you realize that it would be an honour if he hit you?" Prior to his appearance at this year's Grammys, Brown had been laying low since 2009, when he beat up then-girlfriend Rihanna, leaving her almost beyond recognition. Brown couldn't control what people were tweeting about him. But he could have spoken up afterward. As someone who grew up in a home so violent that it caused him to wet his pants, Brown understands acutely that there's nothing lighthearted about women making abuse jokes. He's had opportunities to address these women; instead, he allowed them to continue glamorizing domestic violence.
John Shearer / Associated Press
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