An editor's note to readers

On April 7, The Times published an op-ed by Lubana Adi, a Syrian American, describing her rough treatment during security screening at Los Angeles International Airport. She wrote that, at the start of a February trip to Turkey, she was sent to a separate security line, required to submit to a body search, and then interrogated. Upon her return in March, Customs and Border Protection agents conducted another, 3½-hour interrogation. Adi suggested that she was singled-out because she is Muslim.

It has recently come to our attention that on Aug. 1, Adi's husband, Rasheed Al Jijakli, was arrested and charged with smuggling tactical military equipment to Syrian rebels from January 2012 through March 2013. Al Jijakli has pleaded not guilty. Adi has not been charged with a crime.

Neither Adi nor the Department of Justice would comment on whether there was a connection between Adi's experience at LAX and her husband's subsequent arrest.

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