Dreaming of an equitable future

President Obama, perhaps feeling a bit defensive about his policies and his critics, told a Hollywood audience in November that "kindness" was his driving motivation. Quoting his friend (and fellow Chicagoan) Roger Ebert, the late film reviewer, he said: "I was fortunate enough to get to know Roger, and was always inspired by how he handled some really tough stuff," Obama said. "He said, 'Kindness covers all of my political beliefs.' "... And when I think about what I'm fighting for, what gets me up every single day, that captures it," the president continued. "Kindness; empathy -- that sense that I have a stake in your success; that I'm going to make sure, just because Malia and Sasha are doing well, that's not enough -- I want your kids to do well also ... that's what binds us together, and that's how we've always moved forward, based on the idea that we have a stake in each other's success. And that's what drives me." He declared: "And, yes, we decided to fix a broken healthcare system." So maybe it was empathy, maybe it was practical politics, but doesn't working to extend affordable healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans count? Anove: Obama speaks at DreamWorks Animation facility on Nov. 26. MORE YEAR IN REVIEW: 10 groundbreaking women we lost in 2013 Wilderness news of 2013: The good, the bad and the hopeful 10 tips for a better life from The Times' Op-Ed pages in 2013
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