Another thing it's unsafe to do while checking out Facebook: vote

Social media unites Sacramento Dems, GOP -- briefly

At long last, we now know how to break down the partisan divide in Sacramento: Distract legislators with social media.

As the state Assembly members cast votes Monday on AB93, its $117.5-billion budget for the next fiscal year, the tote board reflected pretty much what everyone expected it would. Anyone with a D after his or her name said, “Aye,” and anyone with an R said “No.”

Except for Assemblyman Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita). As it came time to vote, Wilk was busy checking out Facebook. His expected “No” was cast as an “Aye.”


“My wife is right,” Wilk tweeted a short time later. “I can't multitask! Accidentally voted for Budget while Facebooking against AB 93. The perils of social media #CABudget”

That moment of Sacramento rapprochement didn’t last long, though. After the session ended, Wilk, as allowed under Assembly rules, changed his vote to “No,” according to the Associated Press, drawing boos from Democratic Assembly members and cheers from fellow Republicans welcoming him back to the fold.

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