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Poll: How drought-tolerant are you?

Whenever I go jogging in the morning, I always run through puddles. I sometimes even get a little bit of a shower.

It may not rain in Los Angeles, but there are plenty of sprinkler systems that cast water wildly and wastefully onto the streets and sidewalks. I don't much mind them as a jogger, especially in the summer. Instead, I object to the indifference they show to the never-ending drought that plagues this state.

Such wasteful ways will have to change, but as The Times' Matt Stevens, Taylor Goldenstein and Bettina Boxall pointed out Friday, there's no easy way to make that happen. Local officials are still mulling which of their (limited) options to pursue: providing more incentives to conserve, imposing higher penalties on those who don't reduce consumption or setting enforceable limits on such things as sprinklers, backyard pools and golf courses.

What are you doing to conserve? And what's the first thing the state should do to reduce the demand for water? Take our leaky poll, leave a comment or do both.

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