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Poll: Should FIFA have re-elected Sepp Blatter?

Could Sepp Blatter be more of a Teflon president than Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan combined?

Blatter was re-elected Friday at president of FIFA, soccer's global governing body, despite what may rank as the group's worst week ever. Days earlier, some top FIFA executives were among the 14 people indicted by U.S. authorities on charges of engaging in a "World Cup of fraud" that dated back 20 years.

The indictments were the biggest black marks on Blatter's first four terms, but not the only ones. Others listed by the Associated Press include routine allegations of bribery surrounding the selection of World Cup host countries and a kickback scandal that forced former FIFA president Joao Havelange to resign from an honorary FIFA post in 2013.

Blatter had promised not to run again in 2015 when campaigning for his fourth term in 2011, and the anti-corruption advocacy group Transparency International called on him to keep that promise after this week's indictments. Major global sponsors, meanwhile, demanded that FIFA clean up its act.

Nevertheless, Blatter ran again, this time characterizing himself as a leader committed to reform. And although he didn't receive the necessary two-thirds majority on the first ballot, his lead was commanding enough to persuade the runner-up, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, to concede before the second ballot could be held.

What do you think about Blatter's re-election? And what should FIFA's sponsors, including the likes of Coca-Cola, Visa and McDonald's, do now? Take our unscientific poll, leave a comment, or do both?

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