AquaBounty Technologies salmon

AquaBounty Technologies has not yet received FDA approval for its genetically engineered salmon, which feature a growth hormone gene from another kind of fish plus an antifreeze gene from a third so that it will grow much faster. This is one that The Times' editorial board has called for rejecting, at least until considerably more research has been done. Scientists have raised concerns about whether adequate studies were done -- especially the lack of data over what would happen in the wild if the fish escaped from the tanks inland where the company plans to raise them. To avoid interbreeding, all the fish would theoretically be both female and sterile. But the process doesn't work for all fish; a certain percentage would be able to breed. Another concern is whether all future operations for raising the salmon would be as careful as the one being outlined for FDA approval. Above, AquaBounty's genetically modified salmon, rear, is shown with an unmodified salmon of the same age.
AquaBounty Technologies / Associated Press
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