Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky (and Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones)

President Clinton overcame sex scandals involving Gennifer Flowers (that one nearly derailed his first presidential campaign) and Paula Jones. The latter affair led -- in a wondrously roundabout way, thank you Ken Starr! -- to his impeachment. But the Senate didn't convict him and he has remained a darling of Democrats. But his most famous sexual misstep was with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, which nearly cost him as marriage as well. Lewinsky hasn't done too bad for herself, though. Among other things, she got a reported $12 million for her memoir. She also attended the Oscars with Sir Ian McKellan, was a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, hosted a reality show, was a correspondent for a British news program and sold a line of handbags.
Independent Counsel / Associated Press
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