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Where's the outrage over $7,000 a month for a drug?

To the editor: The controversy over Obamacare is indeed bewildering when one considers cancer survivor Lisa Gray and her newfound ability, thanks to this law, to access lifesaving medication. What is even more bewildering is the lack of outrage over the fact that a lifesaving drug could be priced at almost $7,000 per month. ("Obamacare's guaranteed health coverage changes lives in first year," Jan. 4)

One would think that only rock stars and hedge fund managers got cancer.

It's absurd for insurance companies to put low caps on how much they'll pay for crucial medications. Where is the outcry about these "death panels"? And how can anyone object to guaranteeing our fellow citizens access to lifesaving medications?

Obamacare is not perfect, but it is a miraculous benefit when you find that you would have actually faced death under our prior insurance system.

Alfred Sils, Woodland Hills

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