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Barbara Boxer: California loses its liberal lion

To the editor: We are losing our best senator, and all you can write about is who has the best chance of replacing her? ("Sen. Barbara Boxer, liberal lion from California, to retire after 2016," Jan. 8)

And in that context, what about who will be brave enough to stand with a minority in the Senate when that is the right thing to do?

Barbara Boxer is one of just a few who had the guts to vote against going to war in Iraq. She has championed what is right when it was not popular. The announcement that she is stepping down is sad news for this state and the country.

Dawn Sharp, Claremont


To the editor: She is the quintessential modern-day politician. Loyalty and priorities, in order, are to herself (re-election), lobbyists, the party, constituents and finally, the country.

Her 98% lifetime party line votes show a profound lack of original thinking. Where are the statesmen and women?

Bob Therrien, Mission Beach


To the editor: Antonio Villaraigosa? Really? Obviously whomever suggested his name never lived in Los Angeles.

Toby Horn, Los Angeles

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