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Mexican Mafia meeting: What was the LAPD thinking?

To the editor: What in the world was Chief Charlie Beck and the rest of the Los Angeles Police Department brass thinking when they green-lighted a talk between a "former" shot-caller for the Mexican Mafia and so-called "prominent business leaders" in downtown L.A.? ("LAPD criticized for arranging downtown talk by Mexican Mafia killer," Jan. 29)

I would think that the LAPD would know that even though convicted killer Rene Enriquez says he quit the gang, the members of the Mexican Mafia disagree. As far as they're concerned, he'll be a member until he's dead.

What if something had gone wrong? Perhaps it would have been a safer bet if these folks had just waited for the movie to come out. This sounds like a mistake that a small-town sheriff would make, not the leaders of the LAPD.

Perhaps it's time to rethink the LAPD leadership.

Robert Owen, Anaheim

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