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Politicians need to wise up on animal shelters

To the editor: The letter writers replying to your Feb. 7 story about Los Angeles area animal shelters all had very good points to make. But there are a couple other obstacles to creating a safe haven for lost or abandoned animals. ("Turning L.A.'s animal shelters into no-kill zones," Readers React, Feb. 10)

One is the policy that requires public shelters to accept any animal brought in. Because of that, shelters sometimes kill animals already at the shelter to make room for new ones. This makes no sense and too often results in euthanizing adoptable animals.

Another obstacle is often the beliefs or attitudes of some county supervisors toward animals and shelters. I have personally heard supervisors in L.A. and Orange counties say some astounding things about animals. One officialexpressed astonishment that 20 people would show up at a budgeting meeting to plead for more funds for a shelter.

In addition to the spay and neuter, breeder and landlord issues that make life — and sometimes death — hell for pets, public officials need to educate themselves about modern animal welfare solutions before imposing unreasonable and unworkable solutions on helpless animals who never asked to be confined in mass-animal shelters. These public officials might even earn some extra votes and respect from the community if they took these steps.

Sandi Cain, Laguna Beach

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