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Fighting income inequality isn't about politics

To the editor: Given the difficult circumstances Dan Jones finds himself in and the effort he has made over six years seeking employment, I doubt that most people would find much to criticize about his family's lifestyle. Yet the damage that the Great Recession continues to inflict on the middle class is unrelenting. ("Keeping up? It's increasingly difficult for the Joneses," Feb. 14)

In the article, and with no reference to political affiliation, it is Jones — and not the president — who points out the growing disparity between the wealthy and the shrinking middle class while recognizing the need for compromise between what is fast becoming two Americas: one of the very wealthy and those who remain.

If we are who we tout we are to rest of the world, surely we can find a way to live up to our Constitution's preamble and continue to strive toward that more perfect union.

Rodney K. Boswell, Thousand Oaks

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