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De-radicalization targets symptoms, not the causes, of extremism

To the editor: Implementing the "de-radicalization" programs suggested by John G. Horgan would be like placing a bucket under a leaking roof. A leaking roof requires patching repairs both from inside and outside; roof repairmen usually determine that a leak in one spot is caused by an opening somewhere else on the roof. ("De-radicalization programs offer hope in countering terrorism," Op-Ed, Feb. 13)

So determining who is instigating, aiding, abetting and arming radicals must be the first step of "de-radicalization." The United States has been looking the other way while some so-called allies in the Middle East — namely Saudi Arabia and Turkey — had, in plain view, been identified as the primary culprits in generating today's barbarous jihadists.

Like rainwater, these countries keep pouring their ideologies, fanaticism, rockets and bullets over the fragmented roofs of civilized people, and the U.S. keeps delivering buckets to the victims.

Berge Wassilian, Los Angeles

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