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Abusing the H-1B visa program

To the editor: "Abuse" is the correct term for all of the foreign workers brought here under the H-1B visa program that I see in my job. As the editorial states, H-1B workers should only be allowed where the employers could not find a qualified American worker. ("End H-1B visa program's abuse," Editorial, Feb. 16)

Where I work, hundreds of H-1B workers have been brought here for positions that can be filled by Americans. In some cases, Americans were pushed out of their positions to be replaced by H-1B workers.

These people don't bring any special skills; they're just cheaper than the American workers they displace — something else that is supposedly against the rules.

Terrance Dauplaise, Torrance


To the editor: I am beyond shocked to find that American corporations are using loopholes, likely inserted by their lobbyists, to find ways of making Americans lose jobs, while the patriots inside the Beltway wink and nod. Despicable.

Terry Snyder, Los Angeles

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