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Donald Trump's anger might be the GOP's greatest asset in the general election

To the editor: Donald Trump continues to roll in the Republican presidential primary contest with an easy victory in Nevada. The theme again was the angry voter, and perhaps that's a good thing for the Grand Old Party. ("Republican Party's disruption laid bare in Trump's Nevada victory," Feb. 24)

For months, the GOP establishment has been looking for ways to beat Trump. It's time for the party to embrace what he brings to the election: a surge of angry voters who will vote against the Democratic machine.

Past elections have been decided by a handful of swing states. Angry voters could change those outcome in states like Ohio, Florida, Virginia and beyond. And that would make all the difference.

Selby Jessup, Glendale


To the editor: It appears that Trump's road to the Republican Party presidential nomination is clear. This is a remarkable feat for a man whose approval rating has been at around one-third of his party's voters.

I tuned into the broadcast of a recent town hall meeting with Trump, and his performance was poor. When he wasn't evading answering a question, he was demonstrating his total lack of any workable plans (such as his promise to replace the Affordable Care Act with “something terrific”).

He also lied. He stated that he did not recall saying George W. Bush “lied” about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, when everyone watching that particular debate heard him do so. He talked about Michael Jackson's cosmetic surgeries and other irrelevant subjects. It's going to be fascinating to watch Trump face off with Hillary Clinton.

Many Republicans and Democrats were certain that Trump would self-destruct long before now. But what if he wins the nomination and then implodes on his way to the election?

Marcia Goodman, Long Beach


To the editor: At last someone has gotten millions of working-class Republican voters to reject the ideas that cutting taxes for rich people and increasing military spending by cutting programs that serve the rest of us are going to improve their lives.

No matter who wins in November, Trump will have performed a great national service.

Michael Olson, Pasadena 

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