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A native Californian and proud of it

To the editor: When I see weather reports of the frozen tundra that has become the East Coast, with snow piled up high, I gaze at the sky and thank my wonderful father for moving to Los Angeles in 1950 to escape his Baltimore hay fever in the summer and freezing toes in the winter. ("Despite some nightmares, poll finds voters still California Dreamin'," March 1)

He boldly packed up my mother, my two sisters and hit the road to Los Angeles. They fell in love with the mountains, the deserts, the ocean, the cool summer evenings and the freedom to create a whole new life.

I was the one born here, and once while visiting relatives in Baltimore many years ago, I was looked upon as an oddity: "Oh, you were the one born in California?" as if it were outer space. I would nod my head yes, and tell them I am very proud of being a native Californian. Thanks, Dad, for your California dreamin'.

Frances Terrell Lippman, Sherman Oaks

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