A flag ban might fly in Berkeley, but not at UC Irvine

To the editor: Regarding UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman's comment that half the students in favor of the flag ban apologized and meant no disrespect to the U.S. or its flag, I suspect that the other half knew exactly what they were doing and, in fact, intended to slam the U.S. ("UC Irvine chancellor: Stop the Internet rage over flag flap," op-ed, March 16)

Their mistake was that they miscalculated. UC Irvine is not Columbia or UC Berkeley. Slamming the U.S. might work at those other universities, but not at UC Irvine.


This gives me hope for my country. Go Anteaters!

Jerry Glass, Lakewood


To the editor: The saying "with liberty and justice for all" might not reflect reality, but it is our goal, and we are making progress.

No country is perfect, but our Constitution, our economic system and our particular form of republican government are the best ever devised. Show me anything better.

Our flag is a symbol of that story.

Wayne I. Myers, Palm Springs

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