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First they came for the Muslims ...

To the editor: If presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) gets his way, the bombings in Brussels may have the effect that Islamic State is working toward, namely that of isolating American Muslims from the rest of the American population. ("Ignore Cruz and Trump — scapegoating Muslims is an un-American response to the Brussels attacks," editorial, March 22)

What could be more effective to achieve this than by having roving patrols in Muslim areas? Kicking in doors and setting up internment camps?

Two of the three remaining Republican candidates are stoking the fires of xenophobia with their jackboot pronouncements. Donald Trump and Cruz both seem to exhibit little understanding that American interventionism in the Middle East is the root cause of it all or that their political rhetoric runs counter to everything America stands for.

John Trask, Thousand Oaks


To the editor: As a response to the Brussels bombings, Trump reiterated his proposal for an open-ended ban on all Muslims entering the country and he repeated his idea to torture the suspect in the Paris bombings.

But what about the Muslims who are already here? How long will it be before Trump responds to their presence by suggesting they be “concentrated” into work camps to prevent terrorism here in our country?

I wonder how long it will be before this terrorism “solution” occurs to Trump. Certainly he ought to think of it before the GOP convention, where he would have the opportunity to address all Americans and clarify how he plans to “make America great again.”

Steven Schilling, Los Angeles 

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