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Try this, Republicans: Mend, don't end, Obamacare

To the editor: When I hear someone use the term Obamacare it's usually in a negative manner. Failing to refer to it as the Affordable Care Act, we lose sight of the law's intention: affordable healthcare. ("Obamacare turns 5: The law's potential has been stymied by politics," editorial, March 22)

The Affordable Care Act is legislation long overdue and ranks up there with Social Security in terms of historical significance. The law's detractors are obstructionists exercising partisan politics intent on sabotaging the president's agenda rather than overhauling an antiquated system not inclusive of all Americans.

Millions of Americans have already benefited from the new law, but it's not perfect. To think such a paradigm shift on something as important as healthcare would be seamless is naive.

To the naysayers, don't play politics with an issue so important to so many Americans. Don't repeal it; instead, hone it, polish it and fine-tune it. Make the Affordable Care Act better. That's what the role of government should be.

Paul Shubunka, Santa Clarita

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