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The city should tow more cars parked in Venice

To the editor: I live in Venice, and this article about a couple fighting the city of Los Angeles' 72-hour street-parking limit hit a sore spot. ("L.A. is carried away on impounding vehicles, suit says," March 31)

My street is becoming increasingly difficult to find a parking spot on. Often, my husband and I have to park elsewhere. Furthermore, many homeowners have opened up their guesthouses or garages to vacation rentals, meaning more people are vying for parking spots.

I would never park my car in front of someone's house for three days. When you are unloading groceries or sleeping children, why should you have to park a block away so that someone else can leave his or her car in front of your house?

My area is increasingly crowded due to rentals and restaurants opening up, and people don't have the civility to allow homeowners access to parking in front of their own homes. I have no problem with the city towing cars. I wish it would do it more.

Maureen Tomlin, Venice

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