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Trigger-happy cops should take a break

To the editor: Regarding yet another unwarranted shooting death by police, I'm sick, scared and so very sad. ("In North Charleston, Jim Crow lives on in routine traffic stops, residents say," April 9)

Throughout these months of shootings, I have asked myself how it's possible for deadly force to be used in response to such minor issues. When does a broken tail light warrant death?

If you have been on the beat for so long that every person's move feels like a threat to your life, get out now. I suggest mandatory sabbaticals for any police officer with five years of patrol under his or her belt.

It's a tough job, no doubt. But if it has come to this — that citizens feel any police interaction is unsafe — then obviously the police have collectively failed to protect anyone. This isn't just a serious issue; this is a complete failure on the part of humanity.

Pam Dawson, Santa Barbara

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