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Why use Uber to LAX when you can take a bus?

To the editor: In response to technology industry consultant Neal Ungerleider's call to allow ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft pick up passengers at Los Angeles International Airport, people sometimes forget that simply taking the bus to and from the airport is a heck of a lot cheaper and, many times, just as convenient as taking a car. ("How to simplify the LAX experience: Grant ride-share services access," op-ed, April 9)

I take the Big Blue Bus from Santa Monica. The standard fare is $1, but for senior citizens like me it's only 50 cents. It runs often and fairly late. And I don't even have to worry about leaving a tip.

That's an estimated $40 I save each way. It's really just a matter of a little advance planning, schedule-wise and budget-wise.

Jerry Rubin, Santa Monica


To the editor: I have a suggestion for those looking for alternatives to expensive cabs at LAX.

Recently, my family flew into LAX at a peak time. Rather than wait on the long cab line to wind up paying around $40 for a ride to Santa Monica, we hopped on one of the free shuttles that stop at the various hotel and parking businesses adjacent to the airport. From there, we ordered an Uber car to pick us up.

In minutes we were heading home. Our fare: a very reasonable $14.95.

Laurie S. Adami, Santa Monica


To the editor: Flying into and out of LAX is annoying and stressful, including for those of us who live in the Inland Empire. It can be simplified by adding more flights at Ontario International Airport, which is so empty that you can almost hear the proverbial pin drop.

Having more options for the millions of people who live close to Ontario would go a long way toward reducing congestion at LAX and, may I add, on local freeways.

Ken Johnson, Pinon Hills, Calif.

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