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RFK Jr.: anti-vax and low on facts

To the editor: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is sullying his own good name with his demagoguery on the issue of childhood vaccination. ("Robert Kennedy Jr. apologizes for likening vaccine effects to 'holocaust,'" April 13)

We've been told to trust the science with regard to climate change and other issues, but he argues against scientific evidence by aligning with the anti-vaccination crowd. I hope his misguided zeal does not lead to more deaths from preventable diseases.

Kirk Norenberg, Redondo Beach


To the editor: This article states, "Medical experts and scientific studies dispute that vaccines are causing autism." Would The Times also write that astronomy experts and geographic studies dispute that the Earth is flat?

There is no credible evidence that links vaccines to autism. To say that this is a "dispute" is intellectually dishonest, and I am sadly disappointed in The Times for this.

Art Walsh, Altadena

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