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Teachers should acknowledge problems with tenure

To the editor: One letter writer, a teacher, said she's "really ticked off" that some people think tenure makes teachers lazy. ("Tenure isn't Easy Street for teachers," Readers React, April 17)

As a parent of two kids who went to decent public schools on the Westside, I don't think that all tenured teachers "don't teach anything." No, most of them do a decent job, but if a few decide that they don't want to do anything, they can — and for many years, with complete impunity.

This is a fact of life in Los Angeles public schools. And it ticks me off that the letter writer denies the wasted years of English and science for my daughter and supports protection for teachers who do so much harm to our future.

If the dedicated teachers of the L.A. Unified School District want our respect and support, they should acknowledge the problem and work with us to solve it.

Serge Dubovitsky, Los Angeles

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