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'Deflategate' lesson: In the NFL, cheaters win

To the editor: First, the New England Patriots cheated. ("Tom Brady suspended four games, Patriots lose draft picks for Deflategate," May 11)

Second, why did the NFL wait so long after the Super Bowl, which the Patriots won, to complete its investigation of allegations that quarterback Tom Brady had his footballs deflated?

Many media outlets are currently interviewing NFL "insiders" about their opinions on the outcome of the investigation. These people are dependent on the NFL for their livelihoods; why would they offer an honest opinion other than what the NFL is saying?

The NFL should have postponed the Super Bowl when allegations against Brady and the Patriots came to light. It should have waited for a full investigation to have been completed. But that would have cost the NFL millions of dollars.

Bottom line, the Patriots cheated. Is that what the sport is all about?

Matthew Lynch, Los Angeles

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