What's so bad about questioning Ted Cruz?

To the editor: I understand — even sympathize — with Jonah Goldberg's personal discomfort in seeing Sen. Ted Cruz and the other Republican presidential wannabes "grilled" by reporters about what they know and believe and what policies and changes they have in store for us. ("Mark Halperin's biased grilling of Ted Cruz," op-ed, May 11)

Goldberg would apparently much prefer the uncritical, lax and deferential treatment the national media afforded George W. Bush when he was campaigning 15 years ago. Considering the results, let's keep the questions flowing, however embarrassing.


Let the Fourth Estate do its job.

June Maguire, Mission Viejo


To the editor: Goldberg has a point. His column reminded me of when Lauren Green of Fox News grilled Reza Aslan on why a Muslim scholar would write a book about Jesus. And doesn't Fox News also routinely characterize liberal politicians as philosophically un-American?

But I digress. Goldberg was commenting on journalists.

Roel Hinojosa, Los Angeles

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