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Clintons could be charitable with their millions

To the editor: Perhaps Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton could blunt criticism for making millions in speaking fees by donating the proceeds to groups that work on the causes her campaign will emphasize, including child care, education and more. ("Clintons made $25 million in year of giving speeches, filing shows," May 15)

Clinton certainly does not need these millions to pay her bills, and donating the money she made to charity could help her win the White House in 2016. After serving a term or two, she could "recover" her wealth with the huge speaking fees she would command as a former president.

Milt Halsted, San Juan Capistrano


To the editor: The Clintons are rich, so they can't represent the middle class? Really? So, should we just forget how the wealthy Roosevelts and Kennedys were heroes to the middle class?

It's not your money that's important, it's your spirit.

Hey, by the way, speaking of rich politicians and their legacies, George W. Bush's cat paintings are really neat, way cooler than Bill Clinton's post-presidential efforts. Kitties trump hunger any day of the week.

Barry Davis, Agoura Hills


To the editor: I hope that readers stuck with the story to the last sentence: "[Author Peter Schweizer] notes that he did not uncover the Clintons engaging in any criminal activity."

Marla S. Knutsen, Altadena

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