Forecasting the outcome of Bush vs. Clinton

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg's keen insights into the problems facing Republican Jeb Bush's presidential candidacy overlook a thorny good news, bad news dilemma for the GOP, one that will persist so long as Hillary Rodham Clinton remains the presumptive Democratic nominee. ("Jeb Bush has bigger problems than Iraq war stumble," op-ed, May 19)

The good: A Clinton-Bush showdown would present voters with a clear choice between divergent political philosophies.


The bad: Far too many voters will make that choice by recalling whether they were better off under Clinton's husband or Bush's brother.

For those who prefer economic prosperity and military restraint over deep recession and endless war, it's a no-brainer: Clinton gets their votes.

Kendra Strozyk, Cameron Park


To the editor: Bush believes that Clinton is held to a lower standard because she's not expected to answer tough questions.

Has he been paying attention? Everything from her hairstyle to fees she's collected for speaking engagements has been under intense scrutiny since her husband's presidency.

After her distinguished term as secretary of State under President Obama, Clinton maintained composure in the hot seat during the farcical Benghazi hearings, navigating the tough questions without making a glaring fumble or sustaining any notable damage to her credibility.

Bush can only aspire to perform so well under pressure.

Jennifer Rabuchin, Burbank

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