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Close the 710 Freeway gap

To the editor: By calling for improved roadways, walkable communities, better bus service and bike lanes, what the Beyond the 710 coalition proposes to mitigate the effects of the 710 Freeway stopping miles short of the 210 Freeway in Pasadena is a solution for South Pasadena and parts of Alhambra. That is all. ("Opponents of 710 Freeway extension offer alternatives to tunneling," May 28)

The regional network of freeways requires this gap to be closed with a roadway open to commercial traffic. Beyond the 710's solution does nothing for the commercial traffic from the ports of L.A. and Long Beach. Closing the gap would allow truck traffic to reach the 210 and get up to the Grapevine and the Central Valley or to the

15 Freeway and the Cajon Pass, relieving pressure on other highways.

Just as reintroducing predators into Yellowstone has had positive effects beyond the wolves themselves, closing the gap in our freeway network would have positive effects beyond traffic in Alhambra. It would improve the entire network.

Let's not allow wealthy, organized NIMBYs to ruin this network for the rest of us.

Bruce Scott, Covina

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