End of the line for robocalls?

To the editor: At long last Congress may actually do something that affects the quality of my everyday life. ("Putting the kibosh on robocalls is easier said than done," June 2)

I work from home and have had to stop answering my phone. The robocalls are incessant. The two most persistent include one man's deep voice beginning "Hello seniors" and a saccharine female voice saying "Hi, this is Megan."


It's been a long time since I've applauded our dysfunctional Congress, but lawmakers will win kudos from me if they can block these calls and let me answer my phone again.

Barbara H. Bergen, Los Angeles


To the editor: Blocking robocalls may not be easy, but there is a simple step to stop them. Though everyone seems to complain about them, someone must be responding favorably to them. The calls would not be made if they were not profitable.

Every person must make a concerted effort to not be influenced by any of these calls. If this happened, there would be no need to block the calls.

Jane McGill, Chula Vista

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