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Baja farmworkers and the L.A. Times

To the editor: Reporter Richard Marosi and The Times deserve to be seriously considered for major journalism awards thanks to their groundbreaking four-part series on farmworker conditions in Mexico and their continuing coverage of these conditions, all the way up to last week's agreement providing better pay. ("Baja farmworkers win raises, benefits in landmark deal," June 5)

This is the supreme example of investigative journalism at its best, and it deserves appropriate recognition. By exposing the horrendous working conditions of farm laborers, the series brought increased scrutiny by both the U.S. public as well as major U.S. corporations doing business with these giant agribusiness companies.

Michael B. Natelson, Newport Beach


To the editor: Marosi and The Times deserve all of the kudos and credit for identifying the human tragedy that exists in Mexico with the modern-day slaves who pick our fruits and vegetables, publicizing the issue and consequently helping the estimated 1 million people improve their lives.

This is a continuation of the effort initiated by Cesar Chavez in the United States that is still incomplete.

Harry Shragg, Reseda

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