Pro and con on bringing back the draft

To the editor: Letter writer Martin Schoen, a Marine Corps veteran, is correct about reinstating the draft. ("On-base perks and the military-civilian divide," Readers React, June 16)

If politicians' children were subjected to a draft, members of Congress and the president might think twice about sending other people's children to fight unnecessary wars rather than solving international conflicts through negotiation.

A military draft or public service requirement might also help solve congressional polarization regarding the country's foreign policy.

Ken Castonguay, Redondo Beach



To the editor: This is a different world from that in which many of us grew up with a World War II-era sense of "patriotism." Now, we can no longer lay claim to a moral high ground from which we can send young Americans to war using a new version of the draft.

I would object to having my grandchildren drafted into a military that is under command of our contemporary political system. We need something to respect that is worthy of defense.

If you believe enough to go to war, do it yourself, but don't send my grandchildren. It must be up to the mercenary professionals. That's all you have left.

Leonard Rich, Placentia

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