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If L.A. won't house the homeless, it should let them camp

To the editor: Before city officials eliminate a homeless person's dwelling, be it a campsite on a sidewalk or a vehicle on the street, they need to make sure they have an alternative place for these people — the city's tired, poor, huddled masses, “the homeless, tempest-tost”— where they can be safe and comfortable. ("L.A. County's current formula won't solve homeless problem," June 24)

The “least among us” need to be granted a piece of land where they can legally camp. The granting of land for legal camping needs to be done now, not months or years from now. Other cities have done this, and it's proved to be a win for all concerned.

Also, it would not require years of costly studies to do this. Plus, Los Angeles has the land.

Alternatively, there are empty school buildings, vacated health centers and other unused buildings that could easily house the homeless. Our officials just need to open the doors or post a sign indicating the way to a legal campsite.

Wendy L. Kaysing, Venice

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