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The cat's meow

To the editor: What a fantastic time in the news. And just when we thought it could not get any better, we read that “Pacino” has been employed by Working Cats (“Working Cats program puts rescued felines' skills to use,” June 27) to keep the vermin at bay in the Original L.A. Flower Market. Wow.This gives us hope that there is a place for all, and we can find a helping hand when we need it.

Mary Ross, Cambria


To the editor: It is interesting that the Original L.A. Flower Market uses cats to prevent rodent infestation.

The ancient Japanese relied heavily on their silk and rice industries, but they had to constantly deal with the threat of rodents that feasted on silkworms and rice plants. So they turned to cats, and as such the cat was highly revered in their society. In fact, businesses would display cat paintings as symbols of good luck, and the best mousers could sell for a high price.

Sunny Seki, San Gabriel

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