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Israel shouldn't let up until Hamas is finished

To the editor: Who in this country would accept missile attacks from neighboring territory as a routine inconvenience? That is exactly what Israelis near the Gaza Strip have been asked to do for years. ("Israel vows to cripple Hamas' Gaza forces, possibly with ground troops," July 9)

Occasionally, the Israeli military attacks missile sites and kills a few Hamas members. The world condemns Israel and a cease-fire is negotiated, and then broken, and we start over.

This time may be different. Hamas will not get the same support from Egypt, and it is now part of the Palestininan unity government. Now that Hamas has fired at Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the Israeli government may take stronger action. The entire country is under attack.

This time, let's not force Israel to stop before Hamas is eradicated. The group is not only the enemy of Israel and the West, it is also detrimental to the Palestinian people.

Gilbert Stein, Aptos, Calif.


To the editor: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the Israeli military to "take the gloves off," but the gloves were taken off a long time ago. The Israelis have been using brass knuckles for a while. Now they are using a bludgeon too.

These are metaphors that make light of what is really happening. Have they no conscience?

Katharine Gring, Santa Barbara

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