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What will the Iran deal do?

To the editor: Kudos to the Obama administration, along with the other nations, for arriving at this agreement. (“Negotiators set to unveil deal on Iran,” July 14, and “Hard trade-off on Iran,” July 15)

Nothing in this world is a sure thing, but when there is an opportunity to move a problematic regime closer to adhering to international standards, you take it.

It's not surprising that those who oppose any viable pact with Iran are the usual suspects: all those who sent us into Iraq a decade or so ago.

We were ill-served by these folks then; why should we trust their flawed judgment now?

This current White House has demonstrated courage and common sense in this negotiation — a refreshing change compared to the Bush-Cheney administration that preceded it.

Bob Teigan, Santa Susana


To the editor: Iran sponsors terrorism through Hezbollah and Hamas. It supports the regime in Syria, which the United States is also fighting against. Out of this nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration, Iran gets billions.

If Iran cheats, there's a “snapback” provision.

But so what? Sanctions won't be effective because Iran will have the means to survive the sanctions. And it will have the dollars to fund more terrorism in the region.

President Obama appears to be more interested in his legacy of negotiating a deal than a legacy of good foreign policy.

Selby Jessup, Glendale


To the editor: Because opposition to this deal will drive us closer to war, I say to those in Congress who are in opposition: sponsor a motion to reinstitute the draft. Then let's see how many support rejection of the deal.

Robert Rosen, Granada Hills


To the editor: How is it possible the Republicans in Congress can predict what might happen in the next 15 years with Iran's nuclear capability and yet deny the pope and 98% of scientists who say that global warming is a fact today?

They can deny the present science and predict the future?

I admire their capabilities and imagination. The world is a better place for what has just happened.

Arthur Friedman, Newport Beach


To the editor: The Iran nuclear deal is a positive step. Diplomacy, not war, should always be the best answer to promoting peace.

Jerry Rubin, Santa Monica


To the editor: What a disgrace.

The Obama administration surrenders on nuclear negotiations with Iran and basically allows it to develop all the atomic weapons it wants.

Seems the administration has ignored that Iran has frequently stated that it wants to destroy Israel and the “Great Satan.” The current administration continues on the path of the destruction of America every way and any way possible.

Dave Connell, Laguna Beach



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