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A parking-ticket trap near LACMA?

To the editor: Similar to James Buch during his visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, after assessing the peculiar signage on 6th Street, I thought it was OK to park there. When I returned, I had the same rude surprise that I was in fact incorrect. ("Caught in the whirl of the City Hall mambo," Column, July 22)

My first thought was that this parking trap must catch hundreds of people per year. At the time, I went through all the steps of pleading my case, submitting photos of the signs with a written explanation of why a reasonable person might conclude it was OK to park there. I got nowhere.

But now that this trap has been exposed by Steve Lopez, perhaps something might happen? Nah. They're never going to paint the curb red to make the restriction on parking clear, or refund my $93 if I resubmit my appeal with his article attached. This must be a cash cow for Los Angeles.

Is there no solution out there for us art lovers with the tickets to prove it? What if we band together?

Steve Fine, North Hollywood

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