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Blaming Obama for being a victim of the GOP

To the editor: It's bad enough we have to hear Republicans blame President Obama for the good things he's done, but now we have Jonah Goldberg trying to blame Obama for the bad things Republicans have tried to do to him. Goldberg's twisted, blame-the-victim argument tries to put Obama at fault for the GOP's attempts to shut down the government and their current crazy talk on impeachment. ("Democrats' impeachment fixation," Op-Ed, July 28)

If Goldberg wanted to see a true example of partisan hypocrisy, he would look no further than his own column.

James Klein, Culver City


To the editor: Goldberg's understandable indignation at the email he received from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), seeking his contribution to the Democratic Party to fight an impeachment of Obama, may be heart-rending, but it's not exceptional.

It matches my own surprise, then indignation, as I continue to receive almost daily questionable "voter surveys" attached to appeals from that paragon of Christian morality, Ralph Reed, asking me, a Democrat, to contribute to the demonizing, impeachment and unseating of the president.

This grotesque overflow of mail must be a consequence of the hundreds of millions of political "nonprofit" group dollars floating out there that must be spent on something, however wasteful, irrelevant and dishonest it may be.

June Maguire, Mission Viejo

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