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The costs of absorbing so many immigrants

To the editor: After reading the article on the influx of Central American immigrants to Virginia, I would like to draw attention to important points. ("Amid border crisis debate, many new immigrants land in D.C. area," Aug. 4)

People in violence-ridden countries continue to have children, who are then put at risk; often they have more children after they come illegally to the United States.

Junior, one young man in the article, arrived illegally to join his mother and five siblings. Claudia's mother Margot entered illegally eight years ago, leaving three children behind; she now also has two sons born here.

We in the United States simply cannot keep absorbing more and more illegal immigrants and providing for their schooling, medical care and social needs without also turning our backs on our legal citizens, including children living in poverty.

Linda L. Mann, Los Angeles

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